Furrow in the Clouds

Prisoner of War Lt. Tom Easterling tells his story in a new video:


Read his book to know the man:

“I watched in horror: Holes ate away the cowling’s skin – the size of a boot, the size of a prize sow, and finally, one massive iron shard as big as a barn door drifted into my trajectory. I had enough time to wonder where it would make contact; it turned on edge and sheared off four feet of my left wing.”

World War II pilot, Tom Easterling, leaps from his burning P-47 fighter-bomber over German territory. On the ground, dragged by his parachute, he streaks a snowy field with blood, unable to hide due to two shattered legs. Suddenly he is the “invader” within reach of frenzied German civilians who vent their hatred, beating him until SS troops drive them off with bayonets.

The true story of First Lieutenant Lewis T. Easterling, USAF, leaves a “Furrow in the Clouds” for us to track his life – from North Carolina farm boy to fighter pilot taken prisoner by the Nazis. Easterling’s heart-wrenching story is a tribute to the man whose family heritage and military training shaped him for surviving unimaginable physical and psychological suffering. His story challenges us to reach deeply and discover the courage to overcome our own traumas and tragedies – common enemies of every man and woman. “Furrow in the Clouds” is available at www.amazon.com and www.goodcatchpublishing.com. Review:http://kindredspiritmommy.com/furrow-in-the-clouds-richard-drebert/


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