About Author Richard Drebert

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and after high school, hammered out a living in construction trades to support a wife and sons. I pastored a church in Northern California, took courses at Shasta College, and worked on the editing staff of a local newsmagazine before moving to Anchorage, Alaska. At The Anchorage Times newspaper, I worked as a floor editor and wrote a bi-weekly column before leaving The Times to create an Alaska historical theme park.

 For over a decade my family served an international clientele, introducing visitors to Alaska history and folklore via photo essays, frontier museum, sled dog excursions, and educational tours for schools and organizations. I have been living the Alaska dream for more than 30 years. Married for 44 years, I have served on the board at King’s Way Ministry Center and Eagle River Christian School, near Anchorage.

I have written dozens of biographies for books produced by Good Catch Publishing, Good Book Publishing, and Books Behind Bars. I interview and write for storytellers across the U.S. and overseas. My published books include the titles: Solo Rising, My Journey from Terror to Triumph (the life story of Chief Master Sergeant Katherine Cooper, USAF); Furrow In the Clouds, the Story of Young Thomas Easterling, Farm Boy, Fighter Pilot, Prisoner of War; The Best Is Yet To Come (The life story of Martin Seppala, God’s millionaire construction man); and Rangers in the Gap: Act with Courage, Never Give Up (the story of the Free Burma Rangers).God’s millionaire construction man)

Through interviews and in-depth historical research, I shape stories from each storyteller’s unique struggles and triumphs. I write with the insights of an editor, businessman, outdoorsman, husband, father, and grandfather. My work has also been featured by Alaska Correctional Ministries.

As for my own life story and convictions, my compass is set toward Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.                                


8 thoughts on “About Author Richard Drebert

  1. Rick:

    You are a very special person. One of the finest Christian men I have ever known. I am very glad you and Carol are still married and serving the Lord. I hope Jan, Joe (?) Elda, and your sons are well and walking with the Lord. Rob Darling unexpectedly came by my house in Oregon several years ago. If you are in contact with him, pass my email on to him. I would love to visit with him.

    Holly and I are still very much in love and remember with fondness you officiating our wedding and your ministry to us at Victory Way. We have three adult children: Mark (25), Mary (23), and Hannah (20). They are well and serving the Lord.

    I taught Theology at Corban University in Salem Oregon for 10 years before starting a Violence Intervention company 5 years ago. God has been so very faithful to me and my family these past 28 years since I saw you last.

    Thanks for helping me when I needed a true friend and genuine brother in the Lord. Lets keep in touch.

    Your friend,

    Mike Flores

  2. Hi Rick,
    So good to talk to you a bit ago. The Greg Meyer who sent in a reply is our son Greg. I was surprised
    to see his name there. Hello to your mother and Jan. Maybe our paths will cross one of these days.
    Love, Auntie Alice Meyer

    • It was a pleasure speaking to you and John. So much has happened in 30+ years! I really hope you are happy and healthy. I’ll relay your regards to Mom and Jan.

      Please Take Care of Yourselves,

      (I couldn’t believe John called me “Ricky!” No one has called me that for 40 years!)

  3. I know a young man who looks very much like you. His name is Craig Drebert and he lives in Paradise Cal. Could you two possibly be related?

    God bless you in your work.
    Warmest regards,
    Greg Meyer

    • Hi, Greg,

      Believe it or not, I know you- You are my cousin. I remember you well. And Alison and Tricia. Alice Drebert Meyer is my aunt. John called me not two hours ago and we chatted about family. I hope you are doing well. Lots of water over the dam! I don’t know Craig, I’m afraid. But if he’s a Drebert we might be related too. I hear that Doug is still in Paradise. Where are you?

      Glad you got in touch.

      Cuz Rick

  4. Rick

    I am so blessed to see the wonderful Talent God has given you in your writing. I had no idea! It was a special blessing to find you.

    I also wanted to say that what I remember most about you as a minister and a person was the marriage you and carol had and the wonderful man you were. I believe this has led at least partially to the success of my 19 year marriage.

    I found you on facebook and shared your page with other friends who might remember you and hope they find the blessings from your writings as I did.

    Love Tanya (Peterson) Felsheim

    • Well, well, well, Tanya!

      You were a true encourager and helper in those beginning ministry days… I owe you a real “thank you” for your care of us at that time of our lives. 19 years married? Wow. He must be a wonderful man to have chosen you. Glad we connected. I’ll be watching your pages.

      Your old (and I mean oooold) Friend in Christ,



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