Your Place of Provision

The cache is a wilderness icon (often a small cabin on stilts) representing the spirit of sharing. On the frontier, a cache is filled with life-sustaining provisions for anyone in need. is built along the same busy cyber trails that you travel every day–by laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Cache of Grace is brimming with life lessons, devotionals, and stories–from a 30-year Alaskan and other writers.

Great Grandma with Grandson Tom at a cache.

The Cache is your space to find or regain a God-centered perspective on life. God knows the paths–crooked and straight–that each of us have traveled. He supplies all the provisions we need to continue our spiritual journey.

On your “frontier,” pause and refresh at the Cache, where the door to God’s grace is always open.

A cache built upon the tundra in the Far North.