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Book: Rangers in the Gap

To whom it may concern,

I first heard of Richard when I read some of his writings in different Christian books. In every case his telling of the story moved me deeply to tears and drew me closer to the subject I was reading about and to God. His writing illuminates, teaches, convicts and inspires me. Others who have read his writing have told me they have the same experience. He is a gifted writer who has worked hard to improve his craft and whose writing is a tremendous blessing in to all who read and benefit from his work.

I got to know Richard personally when he wrote “Rangers in the Gap”. This book is about  our family and organization, the Free Burma Rangers. We had to do this by long distance and satellite phone at all hours of the day and night.

He took a great amount of time and care with each of the seven rangers profiled in this book. We started every session with prayer and his humility and openness to God and to our telling of the stories as we experienced them gained our trust and gratitude right way. His patience and skill as a questioner and listener enabled us all to freely and fully describe what we had seen and done and what we saw God doing. His flexibility meant we could call him any hour of the day and night and as we were communicating from Thailand and Burma and Thailand back to Richard in the US, this was very important.

Richard also encouraged us to make any changes any time we felt were needed. This was crucial to us to insure accuracy and the right tone we wanted to present. He never ran out of patience or second, third and many more changes we asked him to make. Working with him on this project was a joy and he helped me grow spiritually in my relationship with Jesus. His care for us, prayers for us and love for us was an unexpected blessing from God during this process. His talent as a writer helped to transform our words into coherent and compelling stories that have already garnered many positive responses and more assistance for us. We did not do this book with Richard to get more help, we did it because we wanted to bear witness to the saving love of Jesus Christ and to what we have seen in Burma. But along with inspiring many people to follow Jesus more closely, some have told us they were moved to help us or help us more because of Richards book.  That is an extra blessing that we did not expect but are thankful to God for.

Richard Drebert is one of the most outstanding men I know. He is brilliant, humble, tenacious, caring, thoughtful, tireless and deeply committed to Jesus Christ and all humanity. He is also one of the best writers I know, writing with a style, clarity and power that is truthful, entertaining, educating and motivating. He has my highest recommendation as a writer and  I trust him to get any story right. In doing our story he brought glory to God, drew me closer to God and helped many others to know God more, and in our case, care about the people of Burma.

When we met Richard and his wife Carol our entire family fell in love with them both and thanked God for new and special friends.

Thank you and may God bless you,

David Eubank

Director Free Burma Rangers


Book: Furrow in the Clouds

From “Amazon” John Easterling with Olivia Newton-John, in behalf of Tom Easterling’s Family:

Bon Appetit!

Rick did an exceptional job writing the story of our father.

The book Furrow in the Clouds captures the essence and tone of

his life experience in all it’s subtleties and drama. The book is

well written, engaging and a memorable journey for the reader. It is currently a treasure to Dad, his friends and comrades, our family,

and so many others who have sought it out. Rick is professional and easy to work with. If you are looking to have a book done of this sort, Rick is your guy.



March 2, 2012

Regarding Author, Richard Drebert:

As the founder of Good Catch Publishing in 2006, I sought to build the best team of writers I could find. One of the most proficient authors I hired was Richard Drebert. He has been writing for our organization for the last six years on a very regular basis. Our primary products are books of stories for communities, churches and organizations. We assign the storyteller to Richard who then, in a professional and timely manner, interviews and creates a powerful story from in-depth conversations over the phone. Richard delivers work beyond our expectations and the expectations of clients. His supplemental research creates a compelling story with historical context.

To demonstrate the level of confidence we have in Richard, we received a request from the celebrity singer and actor, Olivia Newton John, to create a custom book telling her father-in-law’s story. He was a World War II veteran shot down behind enemy lines. Without hesitation we retained Richard. Working from family heirloom audio tapes that Olivia’s family provided, Richard created a quality 50,000-word legacy book entitled Furrow in the Clouds (Available at and on Amazon Kindle).

Olivia and her entire family were absolutely thrilled with the product. Richard’s work engendered such confidence in our company that Mrs. Newton-John met with us recently in Sydney, Australia, to discuss another book about her husband. If that book materializes we will certainly be seeking to retain Richard again.

We highly recommend Richard for any project where writing skills are essential. He turns out professional quality work in a timely manner, and with a positive attitude.

Richard has contributed greatly to the success of Good Catch Publishing.


Daren Lindley, President Good Catch Publishing


December 5, 2011

Katherine G. Cooper

To Whom It May Concern,

I am honored to submit this letter of recommendation for Mr. Richard Drebert.  For years I had wanted to tell my story in book format and when I met Rick, my dream finally came to fruition.  Without any understanding of the process, Rick took me step by step and provided a clear path for me from the initial interview stages until the book was published.

During the interviews, Rick was very sensitive to my emotions that surfaced from even 25 years earlier.  He demonstrated meticulous attention to detail and asked probing questions that really aided in painting an accurate word picture.  When he came to me for edits, I was amazed at how true to life my story jumped off the page right in front of me!  He had really grasped my deepest thoughts and emotions, describing every detail!  Rick was always very patient and understanding while we trudged through the tedious editing process.  But he was also diligent to keep us on track, not letting the tedium delay the project.  He took great pains to ensure I was satisfied with every word before we went to print.

The process of publishing a book can be very daunting for someone like me who has never delved into this arena.  Rick walked me through each step, detailing options, costs, and timelines and ensured I understood exactly what would transpire.  This was extremely helpful for me to determine what and how much to print.  He also helped me set up my own web site so readers could order from there also.

My book is now complete and I couldn’t be more satisfied!  My readers tell me they can’t put the book down and often read it in one sitting.  Many have stated how easy it is to read and often buy extra copies to give to their friends.  As a result of my book being published, I have had an opportunity to tell my story in various settings and have received numerous reports of how it has helped other people through their own difficult times.  This book has not been just a project but a ministry to help many who are struggling in life.  Without Rick, this would not have happened.  His work continues to touch the lives of many in ways we will never know.  Again, I am extremely honored and privileged to recommend him to anyone desiring a professional writer.


Katherine G. Cooper


Book: The Best is Yet to Come (Released March 2012)

Sent: Friday, March 02, 2012 11:28 AM
Subject: We highly recommend you to anyone – anywhere!
Dear Rick,
We just want to let you know how much we appreciate and value your work.  You are so talented and we were so privileged to have you write the story of my life.  It seemed you knew the words I wanted to say before I could verbalize them, and as a Christian writer, we had so much in common.  You were so easy and comfortable to work with, and both Nancy and I enjoyed our conversations with you. We hope to continue the friendship we have had as we enjoyed going through the memories of my life together, and we were always so pleased with the way you would make the stories come alive.
I would recommend you to anyone, anywhere, as a most valued editor we were so blessed to have!
Thank you so much,
Best wishes and blessings!  Marty Seppala

March 5, 2012

To whom it may concern:

I have had the great pleasure of working with writer Richard Drebert since I joined the staff at Good Catch Publishing in 2006. There has not been a day I’ve worked at GCP that I have not thanked God for bringing Mr. Drebert to our team.

Richard is one of the most talented writers I know. He has an amazing ability to interview clients for two hours and write like he’s known them for two decades. He diligently and thoroughly researches each and every story to add the authentic details that make his pieces so vibrant and alive. His clients repeatedly sing his praises, both to his project managers and to our president. And he is personally one of my favorite writers to read. I consistently get lost in his beautifully written stories and have to deliberately remind myself that I’m supposed to be editing, not pleasure reading. With Rick’s stories, I get to do both.

Beyond his incredible talent, Rick is just an extremely enjoyable person to work with. He’s prompt, he’s reliable and he always responds with enthusiasm to all requests. I have so enjoyed our conversations and musings about life in Alaska throughout the years. He is a true joy. I wish every editor had the pleasure of keeping a “Rick” on her staff; he is an invaluable member of ours.

Please feel free to contact me about any of my experiences with Mr. Drebert. Every one has been a positive one.


Michelle Cuthrell

Editor in Chief

Good Catch Publishing



February 11, 2013

Dear Publishing Professional,

I am pleased to recommend writer Richard Drebert. As a Project Manager for Good Catch Publishing, I have had the privilege of contracting him to write dramatic true stories for GCP’s books. Richard is one of the best writers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He meets or beats deadlines every time.

He is impeccably thorough in his research and possesses incredible interviewing skills. Even more impressive is the quality of his writing. His first drafts require little to no editing or clarification. As an editor, he is my first choice for any assignment and I look forward to receiving his stories every time.

As a reader, I am quickly immersed and moved by his way with words. Richard is a true professional and tremendously gifted narrative nonfiction writer. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and I wish every editor could have a Richard Drebert on staff.


Jeannette Scott, Owner, Narrative Impact

Project Manager, Good Catch Publishing

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