Bound To Be Free

His duty was to make certain that every explosive on site was “Defused.”

“I wondered what the pilot felt seconds before his fighter-jet slammed into the earth. A strange mix invaded my senses at the crash site: smoldering engines; peeled shards of F-16 skin; pieces of human flesh in the dirt and hanging in thickets…”

Thomas’s bomb disposal team was first on the scene at crash sites or suspicious packages in shopping centers. But though he is an expert at defusing bombs, he has no ability to disarm a ticking incendiary device in his own personality: PRIDE. Thomas leaves a chemtrail of broken relationships in his life until he humbles himself before God, who vaporizes a ticking bomb that threatens to destroy his future.


“Blood trickled slowly from my body… a nurse in drab green and heavy white shoes monitored freakish dials as the apparatus sucked blood from my neck, digested it, then expelled it into my body again, bright red and kidney clean.”

But Pat needs more than “New Blood.” He needs a new kidney. His condition has changed his lifestyle, and his attitude toward God. Through his months of kidney dialysis treatments, Pat learns about unconditional trust. But it isn’t until he joins the kidney donation “circus” that he finds God’s peace.

I wrote “Defused” and “New Blood,” two of the seven stories published in this Good Catch book: Bound to be Free.


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