Got Friends?

“At a junkyard I foraged rusty files, saw blades or steel leaf springs to create my weapons, and I served a diverse clientele: desperate junkies and dope dealers, whom I manipulated to feed my vices.” Bill is the Teflon man; the one you never read about in the newspaper; the drug pusher who dodges the steel jaws of law enforcement — and himself a meth addict. Today God has severed him from his miserable addictions and violent past as deftly as a scalpel cuts away gangrene to save a limb. Now he serves his community as a craftsman and a family man, the junkie who discovered an “Edge to the Answer.”


“Denial was over. My husband was a drug addict. I recognized all the signs. Extreme mood swings. Internalizing. Bursts of anger. Isolation. Paranoia.”

Alaska peaks set in an azure sky can never be captured in the telling, and so it is with the fulfillment Roger and Audrey know today as a couple healed by God. In “Our Pieces of Power” they tell how the most hopeless marriage can be transformed when a wife persists in praying for a husband on the brink of self-destruction.

I wrote two of the seven stories featured in Got Friends? including “Edge to the Answer” and “Our Pieces of Power.”


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