Beautifully Wrecked

“Receiving and Release again: I knew the drill, and felt like scum. It wasn’t cool this time, nodding to inmates as a surly prison guard herded me to my cell. The iron door slammed and locked, and I slumped on my bunk, dead inside.

This time eight months.

My nightmare had just begun. Usually I could slip into a routine. I had schooled myself to survive any ordeal. Not this time. I had lost everything! Betty’s tear-stained face haunted me, and memories clawed inside my head. I remembered my children laughing as I poured orange juice on school mornings. I had promised to buy them bicycles, and take them to the Wild Rivers water slide. Now their dreams lay shattered, like Betty’s best tea set, stomped to pieces by Daddy. Would they ever forgive me?

‘We knew you’d be back. Missed Donovan, huh?’ The jokes by other inmates jabbed at my wounded conscience.”

Marco has run out of all his “Dance Moves.” It”s up to his wife, Betty, to decide if she will trust him again. It will take God himself to restore a marriage so marred by betrayal…

I wrote the story “Dance Moves,” one of seven stories in the book Beautifully Wrecked,  published by Good Catch Publishing.


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