Do you have a story?

Choosing the right author takes the mystery and complexity out of creating your book for others to experience. You and your author become a team: The challenge of interviewing, scheduling, and writing belongs to your author. Your part is simply to tell your story.

Shaping an article, a short story, or a book into a dynamic page-turner is what I love. I have spent hundreds of hours interviewing storytellers all over the U.S. for books and stories. I presently write for publishing companies and individuals. Email: for answers to your questions about writing fees, publishing costs, payment plans, etc. I collaborate with wonderful publishers, editors, and graphic designers who will help us produce a quality product you can be proud of.

My specialties include: well-researched historical life stories, Christian-themed books and stories, war and military narratives, and other lifestyle subjects too numerous to list.

No project is too big or too small. Call me at 907-230-6051 to discuss your ideas.


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