Stairway of Life

Stairway of Life

It has taken me more than 60 years to realize that it is NOT earth-shattering:

If someone cuts me off in traffic.
If I’m three minutes late for an appointment.
If I drop spaghetti sauce on my shirt.
If I get lousy service at a restaurant.
If someone does not follow through on their promise.
If I leave a little food on my plate.
If I lock myself out of my house.

It’s taken me more than 60 years to know the VALUE:

Of being silent when I feel justified in speaking my mind.
Of remaining calm in the glare of someone’s tirade.
Of forgiving the same person again, and again, and agai…
Of not over-analyzing everything that happens.
Of ignoring the mistakes of someone who is doing their best.
Of finding humor in my own mistakes.
Of “letting sleeping dogs lie” (though I’d like to wake them).
Of admitting that I have little control over circumstances.
Of not throwing a hissy fit when God changes my plans.

If you are reading this, you have not reached the last step on the stairway of life either–and, thank God, we will never have to go back down and start again.