Near Christmas Calamity

The day after Christmas, we discovered a giant spruce tree leaning toward the corner of our house.

A little wind and crash! The tree would have gouged a sky light into our bedroom!

To make matters more interesting: The spruce inclined within inches of a metal storage shed. The tree couldn’t be felled without flattening the shed.

Too close.

It took three of us to finagle a method to safely bring the old spruce down without damaging shed and house. The temperature was minus 2 degrees.

Tom and his D-ring.
Leaning, leaning…
Dad sent Tom up to do the hard stuff.
Look closer: It ain’t blood… lol.

With a double snatch-block and several hundred feet of cable, we pulled the inclining tree with a 4×4 pickup, inch-by-inch, past the metal building. We had planned to cut it with a chainsaw… but the frozen trunk SNAPPED like a massive toothpick, and settled into a corridor we had cleared.

Split like a banana.

Thank you, Lord, for sending two hardy, insightful men—my son, Tom, and his visiting father-in-law, Scott—who helped save my house from a New Year’s disaster.

And thanks, too, for the hot beans and ham, Sweetie…

4 thoughts on “Near Christmas Calamity

  1. Just another day in the life of one of God’s children! He takes care of us in all situations! Amen! And sends angels when we need them!


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