File Wars II

I’ve got it! I have created a file on my desktop labeled: OLD STUFF MOVED FROM EVERYWHERE! I’m not shouting, but I’m thrilled to have come up with this organizational gem before my wife did. At her direction, I have ripped all my virtual notes and lists and docs off my desktop, and am creating (I love that word!) files for categories of new folders. My life coach has instructed me to raid every bless-ed file on my computer, and empty each one of unrelated folders. (I think that’s what she said).

But I sense creeping panic. I feel 11 years old again, and stare at endless rows of horse stalls to clean.

New problems plop into view: I can’t settle on descriptive names for the virtual stalls. And what if I can’t figure out where to put something?—Oh wait… I can dump it into the big corral called OLD STUFF MOVED FROM EVERYWHERE!

Carol will be sooo proud when she sees how many stalls I’ve cleaned today…

One thought on “File Wars II

  1. Stuff you don’t know what to do with goes into “Miscellaneous” – that word that really means, “Stuff I don’t know what to do with and probably don’t need but feel obligated to keep”. 😉

    Also, when I read “New problems plop into view”, I laughed out loud. FUNNY, Unk!


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