Silence the Faerie Drums

Dear Grandkids,

It’s snowing again!

At dawn I counted 17 faeries sliding down the snow berms on either side of our driveway. Noisy little imps. They caught me gawking from the kitchen window and froze like popsicles, except one little tyke who thumbed his nose at me. His parents hustled him off with the whole crew. They hopped like bunny babies, single file, right down a hole in a tree stump.

Doggone snow faeries! They just won’t give up this year. They’ve been beating their enchanted drums, calling down snowflakes clear into mid-April. I sometimes catch a glimpse of the snickering little twerps when I have to shovel the driveway. They get a kick out of irritating us old Alaskans.

But soon they’ll meet their match. Warm Chinook winds are on the way. No amount of drumming can preserve a single snowflake descending at 50 degrees. Hah!


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