Desktop Devastation

Does anyone else have this problem?

I use my computer “desktop” for a storyboard, file cabinet, catch-all, and scratch pad! This is driving me nuts. My desktop is a cork board with scraps of paper fluttering everywhere. When my wife happens by, she just shakes her head. I am so paranoid that I might LOSE something INSIDE the silly computer, that I glue everything (pictures, proposals, whole manuscripts, to-do lists) on my first screen, so I don’t forget where I put it.

What if I FILE something somewhere and forget where it is when I need it?

And I NEVER throw anything out. Yeah. That’s right. NEVER. I’ve written one sentence story lines and thoughts on hundreds of MS Word docs–they’re floating in the ether like space junk! I have files of HISTORIES INSIDE FILES OF HISTORIES… How will I ever collect this crr… stuff? And I have two other slow, nearly-dead computers full of these scraps of brain. This tech stuff is not working for me. But then, neither did my filing system before I got my first Commodore (sp? Too long ago to remember…) Is there an answer to this dilemma from other writer types? This is not just coffee talking. I am desperate. What if I lose that one important idea and can’t retrieve it?

Okay, okay… deep breath. Lord, thank you for your blessings. Pleeeeze show me the way out of this valley of the shadow of…paperless chaos.

6 thoughts on “Desktop Devastation

  1. I am not going to be of much help, but I totally sympathies with you. When I was working on the very first video for Lattis, I didn’t back up my work, and my computer decided it had enough and died. I praise God that Lattis was around to retrieve all my hard work. Now, I back up everything, however, I do file it away 🙂 Good luck, and I will be praying for you 🙂

  2. Oh, I wondered where I got my talent of disorganization”) Get a little backup hard drive and put it all on that. I did that with photos and feel much better now:)

    • I have a My Book hard drive, a Dropbox account nearly full, a brimming G Drive account, and scads of paper files — oh, and discs and discs. I am”buried” in backups! I have decided to laugh at myself, rather than give in to despair.


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