Guest Post: Carol Drebert

Carol Drebert is a former teacher at Eagle River Christian School, a grandmother, businesswoman and minister. Often Carol updates her Face Book page with a Prayer Focus that reveals her heart and encourages others. Here is one that I love.

Prayer Focus: “He Changes what I am.” I was deaf, blind, stunted, twisted, dead. He made me hear, see, grow, straighten, live.

“He Changes who I am.” I was a child of the evil one, destined to spend eternity in his prison. God made me HIS child, destined to spend eternity in His home and to inherit His promises.

“He Gives me Faith.” Though I can’t see Him with my eyes, my heart knows He lives in me, works through me, loves me, changes me, receives me, walks with me, holds me, provides for me.

Carol’s story is interwoven with my own–since we married when we were teenagers. I have grown to respect her as a woman of wisdom and friend. Forty-five years of GOD CHANGING US… Rick

See Carol Drebert’s Face Book page for encouragement.

Homeschooling Grandmother.