Hour of Transition

Posted with permission from Judi Ballweber-Ruban, missionary to Ukraine ——

Seldom do we encounter such credibility and insight.

Please pray for Judi and her husband, Volodymyr ——

Hello, Our Dearly Beloveds! (You!)

Happy Thanksgiving Week! This (and Christmas) are my favorite times of the year! No doubt enhanced by the fact that Thanksgiving Week is also always always my Birthday Week, which I love! It has been a joy to share that holiday every few years ON the same day, and this year is IT! And what a special year for the double up of holidays! (Yes, my birthday IS a holiday of sorts…).

God is my provider. He has proven Himself faithful again and again. Over and over. Right now. In the past. Will in the future. 3 years ago (!) when I had those audible nighttime messages, the second one was, “In your times of distress, I will NOT abandon you, I will not leave you alone, I AM with you!” That is provision! He hasn’t failed for one moment of that promise, and there has been some distress, even this week, with pain and such–but HE was there.

SO. An update. The last scans showed advancement of the tumor in my neck, encircling and invading the carotid artery. There is no cure or treatment for that but the Blood of Jesus, and what a great treatment that is!!! So, chemo is DONE! I have joy and peace with this decision (God provides!) and anticipate what God is doing in this hour of transition.

I entered Hospice Care at home a few days ago. The team I’ve met is kind and helpful. As Hospice goes, they are focused on my best comfort for the best living possible at this time. We’ve worked on pain management and other needs that arise. I am staying at home–no need to go to a different facility.

Thank you all for walking this journey with us! We KNOW God’s arm is NOT too short–it still isn’t! He is WITH me, holding me, carrying me, God’s Girl, yet.  For This glorious journey, I have Jesus. I have His joy. Peace of heart and mind. In the end, this was not a difficult decision–simply the next right thing to do. God is with us :))))))))

I still get lost in the wonder of Psalm 68:19-20, my mashup: “Blessed be the Lord, Our God, who DAILY loads us with benefits (KJV), and DAILY bears our burdens (NIV); Our God is the Sovereign Lord comes escape from death.”

Those daily blessings of provision… have you listed His provision in your life lately? It’s such an excellent exercise in Thanksgiving! And your burdens… He carries them for you if you will allow Him to slip them from you! Such grace! Such love!

I know where my final destination lies… Home Forever. It’s been a bit hard to think about that… I haven’t been ready for that NOW. Impending. Truth is, none of us know when our final breath will take place. But, honestly, I haven’t felt like that would be mine for years yet to come. It may be just around the corner, like it or not! Do you have peace about where you will be? There are just two choices available… Home Forever (Heaven), or Torment Forever (Hell). I know which I’ve chosen, long ago. We would be thrilled to answer questions or help you on your quest if you desire–just message us.
We pray you have a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving wherever you are, and may the wonder of His grace, love, and provision fill your hearts too. We appreciate your prayers as we walk this journey… God is WITH us, Emmanuel! (That takes us right into Christmas!)

God bless you and load you with His bountiful benefits!
Judi and Volodymyr


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