Steady On

The lanky couple dodged around us, careening down the narrow, dusty Matanuska Peak Trail. Veins throbbed in their foreheads and necks. Sweat trickled off their chins — but they chatted cheerily, as if strolling in an Anchorage mall. They nodded to us over-the-hillers, paying a sniff of homage to our graying ascent of years.

Trail to Alaska’s Matanuska Peak

Carol and I glanced at one another, shaking our heads. We were sweating too, treading up an aggressive gravel staircase. We sprawled on every level hillock to ease our throbbing lungs.

We’re no longer envious of youthful sinews. We share thoughts about our next 30 years together (optimistic), asking, “What is our purpose going forward?”

Bear brush

The hill is steep, but we contemplate a powerful analogy that keeps us hiking on.

In our 60s, we must climb the hills we can see, mindful of the majestic grandeur of distant pinnacles that the hills obscure from view. God’s purpose is climbed in increments. Don’t get in a hurry. Just keep moving at a steady pace.

 Our prayer continues to be…

…may the Lord our God show us his approval and make our efforts successful. Yes, make our efforts successful! Psalms 90:17


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