The Egg is Gone

When my granddaughter and I reached our car with a load of groceries, we discovered that our eggs had rolled helter-skelter inside their carton.

Naturally, an analogy came to mind…

Our emotions often roll and tumble during upheavals in our lives–like eggs spilt in their carton.

In time, we fit each “egg” back into its place, and think all is well–but WAIT!

An egg is missing!

Frantically we retrace our steps to find evidence of a splattered yolk, but alas! One egg has completely disappeared!

Nothing we can do will fix the problem. No amount of discussion, or tenacity, or confessing, or crying will fill that last mold.

Our upheaval is destined to be left UNRESOLVED, and thinking that we can find answers leads nowhere.

We may want THAT particular egg back. We may beg God for that egg. But the “egg” that once fit so perfectly in its space (and under our control), is GONE. It’s time to let go of the trauma, once and for all.

“But, but…”

Nope. If we want God’s peace that passes understanding (Phil. 4:7), we must stop fighting the unwinnable battle and trust God with the consequences and impact of the past.

The egg is gone. It’s time to accept God’s peace, and close the carton.

“Be still [stop wrangling], and know that I am God…” Psa. 46:10


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