Dear Preachers

Please stop teaching that the principles in the Bible have many interpretations relative to a person’s circumstances in life. To any thinking Christian, you sound ridiculous.

It sounds like you believe that God’s written word for mankind can be stretched like taffy to accommodate human appetites. If you teach that God waffles about the way we know our destiny, where can we send our children to learn how to identify the havoc that stalks every important choice in life?

Are there unequivocal answers about living a fulfilled life or not?

Did the Christian men, women, and children in the early-centuries AD interpret the Apostles’ Creed, eyewitness accounts, and instructive letters to churches (now called the New Testament) with cultural “flexibility?” What would believers have based their convictions upon if they had ignored the intent of God’s writers? These groundbreakers blistered their feet on every Roman road from Macedonia to Africa to share the Truth they lived and died by–the same Truth that we possess and share with others on Facebook today.

Oh, and by the way: We are still C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N-S.

“Christ followers,” yes, but being “Christian” carries a very distinctive and powerful savor. The violent gales of history carry our heritage, and we face the same cultural ignominy that the first-century martyrs did. Being called a “little Christ” (Christian) branded a person to be gored to death, crucified, or burned alive if they refused to worship Caesar’s image.

Being called a Christian today should be cherished in our arena of wokeness and political correctness, too.

His name–Jesus, Christ, Savior, Son of God, Lamb of God, Light of the World, Emmanuel, and the like–will needle the souls of anyone who resists his invitation to give up control and accept him as God. The name “Jesus” always turns miserable people off, before He turns them on.


An Old Christian


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