Science in Believing

You probably have more time to reflect upon your life lately. Perhaps, you too, are feeling that everything you observe or do is stamped with the barcode: “Eternal” or “Temporary.”

We sometimes forget that an eternal world exists around us. God calls this dimension the “unseen,” and, contrary to modern thought, there is science in believing.

In an editorial in TheScientist called, “Belief in the Unseen” a science writer postulates that “Believing scientific claims merely requires trust. Trust in the conventions of the scientific method—the formal framework of observation, hypothesizing, experimentation, and extrapolation.”

We can apply this scientific method to our Christian faith as well.

  • We observe the wonders of natural phenomena.
  • We can hypothesize (speculate) “from” 2000-plus years and multiple millions of examples of God’s engagement with mankind.
  • We can experiment (test), within our personal sphere of life, God’s intimate interaction and interventions.
  • We can then extrapolate from all this knowledge a reasonable foundation to believe in God and what he says about Jesus Christ whom he calls: the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

          Science confirms our faith, and like good scientists, we can “trust in the conventions of the scientific method” to BELIEVE.


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