Aligning to Convictions

If we knew King David’s history — adultery, family upheavals, excessive bravado, volatility, bad decisions — would we vote for him if he were running for office? Yet David was a man whose personal odyssey aligned with God’s historic intentions.

Many of us would hesitate to vote for this mercurial man, if we failed to see that his lifetime of endeavors were falling in line with God’s eternal purposes. Only God knew what made the enigmatic leader “tick.” And God called this giant-slayer, “a man after his own heart.”

What would we have called David?

At this late date in history, as nations chart a global course toward socialism, our election of leaders must reflect choices of alignment and not personality. We should be asking, “To what or to whom am I aligning my deepest convictions?”

My vote in November will be aligned with these transcendent convictions:

  • A baby in a woman’s womb is predestined to be born and nurtured, and must be protected by law.
  • A man and woman are suited for a physical and emotional union in marriage and any unnatural marital “union” dilutes God’s powerful imagery describing Jesus Christ’s relationship with believers (those he cherishes Eph. 5:25-28).
  • Our fallible Christian and theistic American founders set our national trajectory by the literal interpretation of God’s Word, the Bible, from which our present-day courts and legislators have deviated. A course correction is necessary.
  • Pandemics, wars, natural disasters, and political upheavals remind us that forces beyond our understanding are treading upon American soil, and only God’s enduring mercy can save us.

To what or to whom will I align my convictions? I will answer this very personal question with my vote in November — and so will you.


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