Impossible, Improbable, Impassable

Are you standing at the edge of a ruined reputation, bankruptcy, mental breakdown, illness or other unnamed trials? Are you huddling on the strand, waiting for God’s direction, unable to see a way forward?

Sometimes there is no possible “way forward” yet

You cannot retreat. The Egyptians behind you are bent upon enslaving you or hacking you to pieces.

Jagged peaks rise like prison guards on your right hand and on your left.

Your path forward is blocked by a churning Red Sea that glowers upon an endless horizon.

Do you hear the clatter of chariot wheels and lances? Evaluate your dilemma: God has led you into a situation where you cannot move. You have been Spirit-led into a box canyon.

It is time to remember Egypt. The blood of the Lamb was applied to the doorposts and lintels of your heart, and eternal death passed over you. Christ’s blood PROVES that you belong to Him.

So, do you believe that this merciful Savior led you to the Red Sea to wreck your faith? Will he abandon you to slaughter in this box canyon?

At the edge of this improbable, impossible, and impassable sea of decision God interrupts your unbelief…


Forward doesn’t mean shuffle or run, or leap or take a single stride. FORWARD means DECIDE and FOLLOW Jesus Christ.

Christ will lead you on the most hazardous and precarious—yet safest and most secure—path in the multiverse. Dip your fingers into the wall of water as you pass by. Slap your sandals on the DRY ground where knee-high silt and muck should be bogging you down. God has prepared your way.

Keep moving. Your journey is mapped out by a Savior who says: “I will never leave you or forsake you.” Christ is leading you in an impossible, improbable, impassable Red Sea experience.

Go forward with Him. He hasn’t brought you this far to be crushed by chariot wheels or be drowned in the Red Sea.

Have faith in His wisdom. You’ll be celebrating His guidance and miracles on the other side. RD

With your unfailing love you lead the people you have redeemed. In your might, you guide them to your sacred home. (Exodus 15:13)


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