Marital Glee

Driving along Glenn Highway (Alaska) today I shared a wistful longing with my wife:

“Sweetie, someday I want to climb that bluff and sit where the ancient hunters made their arrows, you know?”

“Hmm. Yeah…”

Sweetie’s forehead rests on the car window as she stares sleepily across Eklutna wetlands.

Is she listening?

“…that’s where they used walkie-talkies and told ancient hunting parties where the game was, you know?”

“Yeah…uh huh…”

Glee overwhelms me!

“SEE? You don’t ALWAYS listen to me EITHER! Did you hear me? I said, ‘Ancient hunters with WALKIE-TALKIES’?”

I do a happy dance (inside, since I was driving.)

Sweetie’s eyes are closed. She’s smiling…


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