Seven Components of Knowing God’s Will

1. Be attentive to God’s voice: the one you listened to when accepting Christ as Savior; the voice you heard when he called you to a ministry; his voice warning you about a wrong direction, or the time he rescued you. Call to mind the tenor of THAT voice.

2. Immerse your consciousness in the Word of God. Take note of scripture recurring in your mind. Allow Bible characters to mentor you. Compare all voices to God’s written Word.

3. “See” the unseen as God chooses to reveal it. Boldly ask God for beyond-natural intervention in your life. Respond to miracles with quiet thanksgiving.

4. Be unhurried to act. Let God propel you–or anchor you–according to his will.

5. Weigh counsel carefully (examine advice from all angles).

6. Expect God to open doors or close doors.

7. Be open to change, and take “test” steps in the direction you think God is leading.

After you have sought adequate counsel; after you’ve prayed and worked with due diligence; after you’ve struggled and contemplated a million scenarios–and you still believe that God is directing you–ask God to slam the door shut if you are reading his will wrong…

Because if he keeps the door open, you will throw body, mind, and spirit into the mission that you believe God has handed you.


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