A Real Man

Strange subject, but you young bucks need to know that you may be clipping your mother’s toenails someday. Mom changed your diapers and fought the unruly tide of your testosterone—but that’s not the reason you do it.

Acknowledge it or not, you still belong to her.

Carrying a rifle, farting at will, or smacking a puck may be traits that define masculinity for some—but caring for an aged mother is the truest test of manhood. Nothing demolishes the myths of manliness as powerfully as changing the bedding of the woman who changed yours. Trimming Mom’s hair will test your courage and assault your manly callings–and most men will simply tap out.

But making her favorite biscuits is the very definition of manhood. Proving faithful to Mother secures fulfillment during a man’s brutal seasons of inner reflection. Long after Mom is gone, your gut will tell you that you did it right.

While she lives and loves, an invisible cord remains between you. Though bedridden, she isn’t done with you, yet. She hones a fine edge on your character by NEEDING YOU.

Mom chafes at not being in control anymore. Others tell her when it’s time to eat, or when to bathe. In the mirror, she sees a fairytale’s image: bent, powdery white, eyes not-so-blue. But her time alone is well-spent because she prays. You have given her the gift of quiet ease, a place to grow closer to the One she will soon embrace.

You rerouted your life to give her precious space. Her endless need plants a field of memories that grandchildren will harvest–because you loved her enough to be a REAL man.


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