Swarming Warnings

Two young women felt something like insects swarming in their clothing as they hiked Rainbow Mountain near Anchorage.

At Rainbow Mountain’s crest, Yvonne brushed away cobwebs from her face. She stopped by a boulder that was shaped like a giant thumb—and it seemed to be humming like a hive. Yvonne’s hiking partner, Ruth, swatted at no-see-ums too, and when she took off her glasses for an instant, she felt “bugs” swarming around her body—completely invisible.

The buzzing unnerved the women, but they were determined to reach a particular hidden valley ahead. They were about to resume their hike, but Ruth worried that her hair was crawling with insects. She asked Yvonne to take a closer look.


Ruth winced as something stung her temple, and she snatched off her glasses again, staring at them in disbelief. They were vibrating loudly.

Yvonne’s and Ruth’s eyes locked as they realized how close they were to becoming human lightning rods.

They ran as if pursued by a grizzly, tripping downhill and tossing away everything metal—packs, earrings, glasses, pop cans.

Their hair seemed to be alive, curling and reaching out in all directions.

Neither woman slowed down until their hair fell limp and the “insect” swarms stopped buzzing.

How long does it take us to realize that it’s time to get off the mountain!? Sometimes all the signs of danger swarm around us, but we wait. Our hair stands on end, and still, we wait. We know our association with someone, or some activity is unhealthy, but we pause on the ridge to enjoy the scenery.

Notice your hair? Feel the stings? Hear the ZZZttt?

Don’t wait for lightning to strike.

Ezekiel 33:5

…he who takes warning will save his life.



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