Who I Am

I am Adam, hiding with Eve.
I am Cain, angry, feeling rejected.
I am Sarah, laughing to myself at God’s promise.
I am David, weeping over mistakes.
I am Jonah, fleeing my responsibilities.
I am Job, asking God, “Why?”
I am Martha busy, busy—too busy.
I am Peter who sinks; Peter who boasts; Peter who denies.
I am the Prodigal Son.
I am greedy Ananias, and lying Sapphira.
I am Saul, the murderer.
I am John Mark, the timid.

Then I remember I am forgiven, restored, and accepted because your blood has CHANGED who I am. Thank you, Lord.

3 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. Love how you give such a good summary of so many people from the Bible who are just like me. You are a true Bible reader and student.

  2. Oh this is good stuff! Reminding me how the people of the Bible aren’t just stories and how they are relevant to me today! FYI will be sharing this as a tool of encouragement!


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